1.How do people get KAZU if they don’t have WiFi?

Too easy – they download from the hotspot.

2.Who can use my WiFi?

Anyone who has the app. For instance, if they downloaded the app somewhere else before, they get connected automatically to your hotspot.

3.Is the app free?

Yes – we believe WiFi should be free. And convenient. And awesome. Just as much as we believe in providing value for your business.

4.Can I keep my internet?

Yes. KAZU works on your internet. You plug a KAZU router into your existing internet and it sets itself up automatically.

5.Will KAZU slow down my internet?

No. When we install the router, we check your internet speeds. Then we put a limit on the KAZU router so that your guests aren’t using too much of your WiFi. The idea behind KAZU is that people should be able to check e-mails, browse essential websites, post selfies and other pictures from your business to their Instagram, make Skype calls and other things like that. We find that these activities don’t actually require too much bandwidth.

6.Can I keep my existing WiFi?

Yes, but we recommend that you tell your guests to use KAZU. The more people with the app, the more value that your business gets out of the KAZU hotspot and analytics.

7.How far away can people use my KAZU hotspot?

Our WiFi routers have similar range to your standard WiFi routers. We have every intention that your WiFi should be used to get people into your business. We are not interested in providing WiFi to people who aren’t your customers.

8.Is KAZU secure?

Yes. The router has an internal firewall to separate guest traffic from your business network (so hackers can’t access your computers) and we also partition the guest traffic so guests can’t hack each other.

9.Can laptops connect with KAZU?


10.Can my business computers connect to KAZU?

We recommend that you keep your business operations on a private network.

11.What about people who don’t want to download an app for WiFi?

Unfortunately, we can’t help with that. But, since we launched we’ve found that people really have no problem with downloading an app – the key is that they’re getting WiFi at a lot of places with just one app. And it’s super convenient: they don’t have to ask for passwords, their phones connect automatically.

12.How much does a KAZU hotspot cost my business?

KAZU is in Beta – join now for free!

13.How far does a user have to be to receive my ads?

We send your ads to users within 1.5 miles of your business.

14.Can I get e-mails of the people using my KAZU?

We don’t give out e-mails for people who connect to your WiFi. But, we do give you tools to get their e-mail if they choose to give it to you with our “RSVP” ads. That way, we respect the privacy of our users but also you know that you’re getting e-mail addresses from people that are interested in joining your mailing list.

15.How do you know if someone has visited my business?

Check your stats in our Wifi Buas app or your manager portal at manager.kazuwifi.com